PHYSIK in the Neck


The basic idea in the development of the
elativ cushion was to achieve an EXTENSION without the use of external forces, only by lying on the cushion. The later amazing therapeutic successes are based just on this property.

How is that possible:

When lying on the STABLE, oblique surface of the elativ cushion, the own weight of the head (which has a "potential" FORCE "G") is "forced" to acquire a gentle EXTENSION as follows.

The own weight of the head (G) divides when lying on the STABLE material in a bearing force (red) and a horizontal extension / extension force "D", which "pulls" the head to the left.

In the neck area, however, forms a "counterreaction" -D at the same time as a balance.
The neck and thus the intervertebral discs are gently stretched.

This is only possible if the cushioning material is STABLE enough to SUPPORT the head and the head end is free of contact - without counter pressure that would "neutralize" a stretch.

Result: just the constant cause of the PRESSURE on the discs, namely the weight of the head, is "forced" by lying on the elativ cushion to correct the damage caused by himself, by a gentle EXTENSION!

A certain material strength is necessary to maintain the original anatomical shape of the pilow, so that the head is also SUPPORTED in the "promised" ergonomic-anatomical position and to allow for a gentle EXTENSION.

To think about:
When the head is lying on too soft pillows, the material immediately deforms under its own head weight and the original "anatomical" shape is lost, without being able to properly support the head! If the material were too hard, the pillow would feel uncomfortable.

The material of the elativ pillow is soft enough to feel comfortable but STABLE enough to provide the necessary SUPPORT and a gentle EXTENSION

To think about:
It is often praised as an advantage that some pillows "adapt to the shape of the body" ... but this will also "adapt" the pillow to your bad postures, take over and "preserve" it in the long run.

The elativ philosophy:
A cushion should be made from a STABLE material to DETERMINE its ergonomic shape, SUPPORT the neck, gently stretch it and gently "force" it to stay in the right place. This corrects the malpositions of the body in the long term.

The material of elativ cushions warms up under the own body temperature in the contact area and radiates the heat back.
Using a thermographic camera, we tested a conventional pillow as compared to the elativ pillow:

Head lying

on a conventional pillow

on  elativ pillow

Heat distribution

(after getting up):

on conventional pillow

on  elativ pillow

You can see that when lying on conventional pillows (left in the picture), the entire head and shoulder area was heated.
The heat distribution at the elativ pillow (right in the picture):
- the pillow warms up only in the contact area, so only in the neck area and
- the head remains pleasantly cool.

4. WASHABLE - therefore hygienic and antiallergic

An estimated 150 million people in the world suffer from asthma or house dust mite allergy. These breathing difficulties can be caused by dust mite excrement.

These microscopic little animals nest in beds and pillows. That is, if you sleep at night, you may share your pillow with hundreds or thousands of these little bugs. They feed on skin dander, but the allergy is caused by their feces. Doctors therefore recommend for allergy sufferers pillows made of material that can be washed frequently.


The elativ pillow core is made of washable material that can be easily washed alone, at 40 ° C in the washing machine or MANUAL without losing its properties.

The open cells of the elativ material allow for continuous ventilation and a warm-dry climate in the contact area.

The material of the elativ cushion core has very little from the beginning of the typical "factory odor" and is odorless very few time after unpacking.

The cushion core is made of a synthetic cold foam polyurethane.

The cushion core can be washed alone at 40 ° C in the washing machine or by hand. Then spin, drain or put in the dryer.
The covers are washable at 30 ° C or 40 ° C. Depending on the case, please pay attention to the care labels attached to the individual products.