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from Austria

clinically tested


provides gentle stretching while passive lying,
this relieves tension and pain in the neck,
shoulder and back area

Sanotec Medical


Tirol Tyrol, Austria

E-Mail: elativ@kufnet.at

Fax ,: +43 720 349170

At the origin of


1. Is the head loaded from the outside? No, it's mostly just the weight of the head that's apply
2. pressure to the discs.
3. The nerve strands are through the
4. lateral deformation of the intervertebral discs C2-C6, irritated.
5. Pain and tension are felt in the neck, back and shoulder area.


combats the causes of pains and tension, by:

- gentle extension of the neck region and

- passive lying on a perfect, ergonomic shape.

provides perfect ergonomic support
orthopedic pillow for NECK PAINS and TENSENESS with EXTENSION STRETCHING and perfect ERGONOMICS


preserves the beauty of your face


By lying on elativ, the face in the lateral position is not embedded in the cushion material and remains free.
You do not get a crumpled face after using it, simply because no facial wrinkles can develop.


is the perfect back support cushion

in the lordosis area, with lateral support and local warmth:

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Designed to relax!

orthopedic pillow against neck pains side posture slider 02

orthopedic pillow with extension and perfect ergonomics against neck pains and tenseness

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